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Rave reviews for this trading seminar – February 2023

Our Frankfurt office is THE place to be for free, quality trading seminars. Hundreds of other traders watched the streaming presentation. Trader Andre Stagge, along with NanoTrader specialist Stefan Fröhlich, captivated the audience. "They were very inspiring and gave us good and important additional insights." said a participant. Click here if you would like to attend an event.

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Andre Stagge presents WH SelfInvest and Investui.

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Investui is our managed account service. The service takes short term positions. In 2020 Investui generated a net profit of +33% at moderate risk for its clients.

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New: The Expo Bounce day trading strategy – February 2023

Using an interesting combination of indicators, the Expo Bounce day strategy detects bounce backs in the market. The illustration is a typical example. The second arrow is the bounce back. The Expo Bounce strategy is available for FREE in NanoTrader.

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The Expo Bounce day trading strategy. Linda Raschke and Mike Seidl have similar strategies.