Trading strategies

Tobias Heitkötter manages the Whitelink futures trading team. “There is no faster nor better order execution as the one offered by NanoTrader. As a professional this is very important to me“ states Tobias.

Tobias Heitkötter puts his Whitelink Plus package at our clients’ disposal. Tip: practice the way Tobias Heitkötter trades by using the free permanent demo account each client gets.


WH SelfInvest regularly organizes both free and paying trading seminars and webinars with Tobias Heitkötter and/or Dr. Raimund Schriek.

Dr. Raimund Schriek

Tobias Heitkötter often works together during seminars with the well-known trading coach Dr. Raimund Schriek. We offer Dr. Raimund Schriek’s book for free in our trading library.

Discount + Archive

Clients have exclusive access to our video archive. Several videos feature Heitkötter and Dr. Schriek. WH SelfInvest clients receive discounts on the services they offer. Our interview with Dr. Schriek.