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Investing in stocks

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The Volume Viewer brings charts alive.

Except for the last candle a chart is in essence static. The Volume Viewer changes all this. By showing executed orders directly in the chart like an animation the charts come alive. One of main advantages of futures is the fact that they are traded on one exchange only. The exchange publishes the order book and all executed orders in real-time (if you have tick-by-tick quotes). The Volume Viewer takes this data and converts it into actionable information directly in the chart. See more

Scalping and day trading US stocks.

An innovative trading strategy for scalping and day trading US stocks is available in the trading store. The WL Vola Open strategy trades Facebook, Apple, Nvidia, Amazon and 46 other well-known US stocks. These US stocks combine volatility, which is currently absent in many instruments, with high liquidity. This ingenious yet easy-to-use strategy should therefore be of interest to most day traders and scalpers. See more